McCain, and Obama to meet with president Bush about bailout

Obama’s statement in reaction to McCain’s decision was an exceptionally petty and lame, calculated, egotistical piece of overly-lawyered rhetoric. He is all about himself. Obama could give a damn about America or Americans. He is pure politics from top to bottom. Obama is the antithesis of a leader.

The  funny thing is that the moonbats are laughing saying McCain was afraid of Big O in the debate. They can try to spin it all they want, we all saw McCain do what he did and when he did it and we also saw and heard ole Barry hem and haw and blather on and refuse to go along with McCain’s invitation or his proposal and stubbornly refuse to leave the campaign trail, insisting the debate go on as planned. He did not even seem to realize that the debate is to be on foreign policy when he indicated it was not necessary to go to Washington as the debate would cover all these issues. The man is dangerous around real responsibility.  I’m hoping people are paying attention.

McCain reported for duty. Obama was dodging responsibility. McCain reached out to Obama in bipartisanship. Obama gave McCain a highly partisan snub.


The War In Georgia. McCain Has It Right, Obama, Well He’s Still Playing The Messiah

When it comes to Georgia. Obama, on learning of the Soviet invasion, played it cool. It was “important … for all sides to show restraint.” McCain, by contrast, demanded that Russia “immediately and unconditionally” pull its forces out of Georgia.Again, McCain got it right the first time. Like the surge.

As Georgia’s plight worsened, McCain called “Russian aggression … both a matter of urgent moral and strategic importance” to us. He called for “high-level” diplomacy among European allies and said the United States should provide Georgia economic and humanitarian aid. Obama, for his part, urged that Russia “immediately and unconditionally cease its military operations and withdraw all forces from Georgian territory” — the original McCain position.


On Georgia, Obama is possibly getting there. It took him a while, nonetheless, to figure out where “there” was. McCain, war veteran and foreign policy specialist as he is, knows instinctively that aggressors aren’t perturbed by pleas to behave.

McCain further understood the stakes in the affair. You let the bad guys take out a friend of yours and soon your other friends start wearing nervous looks. What next? In a fight, could they count on America? How much could they count on America? Should they start to think about making terms with potential adversaries?

His European magical mystery tour not withstanding, BO has not shown that he is nimble and sophisticated enough to understand the ramifications of what happened. To quickly understand and grasp the magnitude of what occurred. As the article notes above.

But Obama did call  for restraint from both Russia and Georgia, I guess that’s something!

McCain and the rest of the world did. And BO is scrambling to catch up.

Al Gore endorses Obama

Al Gore says he is backing Barack Obama and will do whatever he can to help him get to the White House. In a letter to be e-mailed to Obama supporters, Gore says Obama has united a movement over the past year and a half. The former vice president also asks for donations to help fund Obama’s effort Gore is one of the most popular figures in the Democratic Party, but he kept a low profile in the primary campaign.
Way to go Al way out there on a limb !  I guess he had to wait until he saw which way the Global Warming induced wind was blowing.


An Open Letter To President Bush

Dear Mr. President,

This afternoon, I put $57 worth of gas into my car and at $4.42 a gallon, that wasn’t enough to fill it up. If I owned an SUV, that might be understandable, but I don’t

Now, as a conservative, I don’t normally look to government to solve market-based problems. This case is different. Government may not be the solution, but it sure as heck is contributing to the problem. All I want it to do in this case is get out of the way. Our ability to increase the supply of oil has been limited by politicians eager to please special interest groups at a time we can’t afford the luxury of such pandering. The Democrats have opposed drilling in ANWR, drilling off the coasts and drilling in the west. So my question is this – why are you being such a mealy-mouthed wimp about it?

I know that increasing domestic production won’t lead to an immediate drop in oil prices, but it could serve to calm the speculation markets since they would have to factor an increase in supply into their predictions. Given how much people are paying for oil of all types, this issue is political gold, so why on earth aren’t you and the GOP taking the offensive?

Is it too much to ask that you point out the fallacy of the Democratic argument? A Democratic president vetoed a bill that would have allowed ANWR drilling and at the time, Democrats said the potential domestic supply increase was irrelevant since the benefits wouldn’t be realized for ten years. That was ten years ago. Would it really be that difficult for you to point out that had the Democrats done something then, things might be different now?

You’re a lame duck president with nothing to lose and an economy being driven into the toilet by high energy costs. Are you so invested in the stupid ‘new tone’ nonsense that you’re unwilling to point out the fact that the actions of Democrats in Congress have contributed and are currently contributing to the current oil price crisis? This is an issue of supply and demand – we have little control over the costs because we’ve all but abandoned a role in increasing supply.

Mr. President, now is the time to start hammering away at the Democrats and show how their fealty to special interest groups has helped lead us to unprecedented oil prices. It’s clear the increasingly worthless-to-conservatives GOP nominee for 2008 isn’t going to be of much help in this regard, so any effort on your part would be appreciated.

Such an effort may not only help control the spiraling costs of oil, but it would rehabilitate the image of your White House with dispirited conservatives. Frankly, we’re tired of watching your administration let the Democrats control the public agenda and distort the truth while you sit idly by pretending your silence is somehow bringing civility to the political process. In short, stop being such a wimp and start going after the party that has put their desire for power above their love of country.

These oil prices are cutting deeply into the pocketbooks of us ordinary Americans, and your administration is letting the Democrats block increased production instead of using the bully pulpit to push for more domestic drilling. It’s time to stop being meek, stop allowing the Democrats to block progress and start throwing punches on behalf of the American people.  It’s time to show Congress that you are not going to take their spineless nonsense anymore.

Thank you

Obama talks with Hillary Clinton. But Clinton Diss’s Him


Outside the Capitol this morning, Sen. Barack Obama was asked by reporters if he was disappointed by the tone of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s non-concession speech last night.

His answer: “I thought Sen. Clinton, after a long-fought campaign, was understandably focused on her supporters . . . . I just spoke to her today, and we are going to be having a conversation in the coming weeks. I am very confident about how unified the Democratic Party is going to be to win in November.”

Asked whether Clinton had given him any indication that she’d be dropping out of the race, Obama said: “It wasn’t a detailed conversation.”

Before stopping to talk to reporters, Obama did a victory lap through the Senate, where he was treated to the hero’s welcome from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

Looking to mend fences, Obama greeted many Clinton supporters enthusiastically, including a vigorous handshake with  Charles Schumer  and a kiss on the cheek for  Dianne Feinstein.

Hillary has been shown on (numerous) video tapes throughout the Democratic primaries, dissing Obama. The most prominent video was the one where she said herself and John McCain were more “qualified” to lead the nation and more experienced on national security matters. If Obama puts Clinton on the ticket, the Republicans can thank the MSM and YouTube for all those video clips; basically using Clinton’s and Obama’s words against each other in McCain?s political advertisements, ending each political ad by saying “I’m (hahhaaa) John (hahahaa) McCain and I (hahhaaa, sorry I can’t stop laughing) approve (hahhaa) approve this Message (hahahahahha ROLMAO)”. As for Obama’s acceptance speech last night about Hillary’s health care proposal, he may tap her in a new govt dept called Health Care for America. She may have a second opportunity to reform health care, a second bite at the apple, but the American voters and delegates spoke last night and basically saw the Democratic primaries by The Clintons for what it was, a power grab and clinging onto what remains of it.

After six rounds of balloting at their convention in Denver. Bob Barr gets Libertarian nod

After six rounds of balloting at their convention in Denver.

The key take-away as it relates to his impact this November:

Barr said he expects the party to be on the ballot in at least 48 states and perhaps all 50 if the party can qualify in West Virginia and Oklahoma. Barr said he also expects to be invited to the national political debates by qualifying with poll support of 15 percent or more of registered voters.

I’m skeptical about the latter, but his presence on the ballot could certainly have an impact if he’s able to get enough earned media to get his message out.   Key to Barr’s campaign, though, is another Libertarian: Ron Paul.

Paul’s cult-hero status has not diminished and his youthful followers — many of them energized out of opposition to the war and apathetic about the Texas congressman’s other, non-cannabis-related Libertarian views — won’t abandon their guy for an unknown.   
And in my conversation with Paul last month, he showed little enthusiasm for Barr.
Without Paul’s passionate legions, Barr would have a difficult time attracting grass-roots and financial support. 
In other words, if Paul stays on the sidelines and does not get behind Barr, the Libertarian nominee could be as much of a non-factor this year as in every other recent presidential cycle.

If the most short-sighted Democrats ever get their way and America ditches the electoral college, the Greens, Libertarians and perhaps 2-3 other “third parties” figure to siphon off 20-30 percent of the electorate from the “big tent” Dems and GOP. Their monopoly on the American political process will be over. It won’t ever happen because no sane politician this side of Ralph Nader would ever drive it into reality. With a tradition now 220 years old uniting us through two parties, Americans won’t abide a parliament. Didn’t the Libertarians peek in the 1970s? Hasn’t the time for these folks to fold up their tent passed long ago? If not foolish, then certainly stubborn…

Obama and the Terrorist! ~ Yes Bush Still has balls

Here’s the deal. American people haven’t been educated enough to care about the “world political goals” of radical Islam. We’re to busy trying to be politically correct as not to offend anybody. Not only is this wrong when it denies the truth, but in turn helps the radical’s to achieve their goals. What’s their goal? A peaceful world of course. Learning how this peace is achieved through Islamic fundamentalism is the key. We’re a secular society, there for what’s not a religious war to us doesn’t mean it’s not a religious war to them. We’re taught to be tolerant & respect all peaceful religions and simply put, they’re not. We’re either kuffar’s (non believers – atheist that means you also) or polytheist (other religions) or apostates (converts from Islam to another religion – to bad for Obama, that’s him). According to fundamental Islam, either we convert to Islam or pay a jizya (tax) and submit to a dhimmi (lower) status or we can be killed with no more thought than that of an animal. Women? Forget about it, your done either way. Get use to beatings & wearing a tent. Politicians are not allowed to even think of the word crusade, let alone apply it to the Islamic radical’s goals of world peace. Yeah, the world will be peaceful all right, according to Islamic fundamental belief’s, when we all submit to sharia law. They’re on a “CRUSADE” to employ sharia law throughout the world.

Now here’s a “fact” I bet allot of people don’t know. It’s okay to “lie”, according to fundamental beliefs, when it furthers the cause of spreading Islam. Some politicians will love that one. How can it be a lie, when you’re already absolved going in? Yeah, I agree. Somebody better check deeper into Barrack Hussein Obama’s endorsement from Hamas. Ooop’s, I wrote his middle name, because of the “fact” Obama was registered a Saudi Muslim in the Indonesian school he attended, so he could spend four hours a day learning the Qur’an. (American Thinker website has an article written about this today). I’m not saying he’s down with the fundamental belief’s of radical Islam, but combine this with his denial of not knowing (lying possibly?) of the radical message coming from his “spiritual mentor”. Rev Wright’s man of the year award to Farrakhan. Obama’s anti-Israel advisors. Stated willingness to meet with radical extremist with no preconditions. Yeah, wearing the flag pin (Saudi wahabism or slafi, non belief in that of idols etc.) or placing his hand over his heart during the national anthem. Associations (not necessarily friends) with anti American radicals. Obama’s is, is, use of just “words” . I’d say Obama’s got allot more explaining to do. I get a thrill up my leg just waiting for these answers. C’mon Hillary, where’s this bomb on Obama you promised us, or are we suppose to figure it out for ourselves?