Shut the hell up and let the rest of US do the job right!

I want you to think back to September 11th, 2001. That’s right, I’m invoking 9/11. If you’ll
recall, we were leading a relatively peaceful life prior to that day. We all knew the name
Osama bin Laden, but we were not all that concerned with him because the horrible
things he did took place in places we knew little about like Yemen. Or in places we didn’t
really care about like Saudi Arabia. I mean, honestly, for most of us, the only other time we
had even heard of Yemen was on an episode of Friends when Chandler lied to a psycho
girlfriend telling her he was moving there to avoid breaking up with her. Sure, terrorism
towards America pissed us off, but very few of us were directly effected. I doubt any of my
readers even knew someone that knew someone that was directly effected by terrorism. It
always happened far away, so it bothered us when we heard about it on the news, and
then we went on with our lives. That all changed when they hit us here at home. That’s
when we got pissed off. That’s when we were ready to enlist and hunt down bin Laden
ourselves. I want you to think back to how you felt on that day. I want you to remember the
sense of anger and your desire to kick ass. Keep thinking about that while you read the
rest of this…

Over and over again, we’ve heard there is no link between Iraq and al Qaeda. The left has
told us that. The 9/11 Commission told us that. And regardless if al Qaeda was in Iraq
before we went in, they are most certainly there now and that alone is enough reason for
me. But I digress…

. The link to al Qaeda is not my real concern as to why we went to war in Iraq. Neither are Weapons of Mass Destruction. It’s well known that everyone believed Saddam had WMDs. French intelligence, Russian intelligence,
British intelligence all said so. Hell even John Kerry, Bill and Hillary Clinton told us
Saddam had them. It’s my belief the Bush Administration used that as an argument for
war because it was the one thing that everyone agreed on. But I don’t care about WMDs
either so, I’ll concede that point as well. Stay with me, this may take a while.

We were viciously attacked on 9/11 by an enemy that set out to kill as many civilian
Americans as they could. Yes, they targeted the Pentagon, but their other targets included
the World Trade Center, an office building filled with civilians. There are reports that they
had targets on the west coast as well, all civilian. I’m still amazed that we only lost nearly
3000 people on that day. It’s nothing short of miraculous that is all we lost considering
two of the largest sky scrapers in the world came crashing down. We were attacked by an
enemy because of a hatred that runs so deep that those 19 hijackers didn’t hesitate to die
in killing as many of us as they could. Think about that. Have you ever hated someone so
much, someone you didn’t even know, that you were willing to die in order to kill them?
I’ve hated maybe two people in my life. And I wouldn’t pay $10 to have them killed much
less kill myself in order to kill them. This is a kind of hatred that we as a people can’t
possibly comprehend, much less understand.

These are the same types of people we are fighting in Iraq. We’re not fighting rebels, or
freedom fighters. We’re really not even really fighting insurgents. The term rebel or
insurgent implies fighting against one’s own government. If these terrorists were true
insurgents, they would have to be, by definition, Iraqi. And I think it’s clear that the people
we’re fighting in Iraq are not Iraqi. Sure, there may be some Bathists or some members
of Saddam’s old regime that are acting as foot soldiers, but the majority of the killing is
being done by people that aren’t even from Iraq. They’re from Jordan, or Saudi Arabia, and
Egypt. But the leaders of the so called insurgency aren’t from Iraq. So it’s not like we
invaded their homeland and are imposing our way of life on them. We didn’t go to Jordan
or Egypt. But they’ve come to Iraq. And they have come to kill, period. They’ve gone out of
their way to come and kill as many people as they can. Not just American soldiers and
Marines, oh no. They’re specifically targeting civilians and killing more Iraqis than Americans. Would a true rebellion kill its own people? No it would not. These people
just want to kill. They don’t care who. They don’t care how. They just want to kill. They’re
not insurgents. They’re terrorists. Think about that as you continue to read.

During the campaign, the so called Vietnam War hero, Senator John Kerry, criticized the
administration for not securing the borders of Iraq and allowing these terrorists to come
into Iraq. I submit to you that was the plan all along. My theory is the military commanders
in Iraq advised President Bush that this was the best way to fight the larger war on terror.
This way, we accomplish multiple objectives. First, we free 25 million people from a
dangerous dictator who had funded terrorists. We knew that he was paying the families of
Palestinian suicide bombers $25,000 in cash. That was widely reported in the news but
somehow everyone has seemed to have forgotten that. He was not in compliance with an
agreement he signed. People seemed to have forgotten that as well. How many U.S.
Fighter planes were shot down over the no-fly zone in the 90’s? How many times had the
UN warned him? I believe there were 12 warnings. 12! Do you warn your kid 12 times?
Hell no! And I’m just guessing your kid never ran a torture chamber or filled a mass grave
with women and children. If he had complied, he would still be in power today. He chose
defiance and he lost. I have no sympathy for fools. And he clearly fits that description.

Second, we set the stage for the war on terror. We set the stage, not the terrorists. By
going to war in Iraq, we sent out an invitation to every nut job jihadist in the Middle East
saying come on in and take your best shot. We centralized the war on terror instead of
trying to chase down every known terrorist all over the world and arresting him. And we
centralized it 9000 miles away from us. We did that by leaving the borders open, knowing
that if we are there, they will come. And come they have. I say leaving the borders open
was freaking brilliant. Of course the administration can’t flaunt that plan because that
would upset some Iraqis for obvious reasons. Plus, you don’t advertise the fact that you
want terrorists to come to Iraq. You just let them come on their own. And they have come
and the truth of the matter is, the roadside bombs are going off on Iraqi roads, not
American roads. The suicide bombers are walking into restaurants in Baghdad, not New
York City. Sounds pretty good to me. The plan is working.

Third, by liberating Iraq and establishing a clear democracy in that region of the world, we
set the wheels of democracy in motion in a region that knows nothing of freedom. They
know neither its value or its meaning. And believe me, once the Iraqis know if its value,
others in the region will take note. I submit to you that over time, a successful and free
Iraq will encounter the same type of border control problems that we have right here in the
U.S. Why do you think we have such an influx of Mexicans streaming into our country?
They’re seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Is it so hard to believe the
same thing can happen in Iraq?

Those three objectives are being met. Yes, a lot slower than we’d all like, but it is
happening. We are capturing or killing those who want as many of us dead as possible.
And we’re not living in fear of a suicide bomber walking in on our kids pizza parties. We’re
not worried about a suicide bomber walking into the shopping malls where our teenage
daughters are spending their time. I submit to you the left would change their tune if they
were afraid to drop their daughters off at the mall or send their sons to Chucky Cheese for
a birthday party.

We consistently hear from those who oppose the war, that this war is wrong. That we
attacked a country that posed no threat to us. We hear from the left that the President lied
and concocted the war for political gain. We’ve even heard wacko theories that President
Bush knew about 9/11 ahead of time. And that was from a potential Presidential nominee
and the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Our soldiers have been called Nazis and criminals by one of our very own Senators and you know very well who they are! I don’t have to start naming that bunch all over again. . We have been successfully divided
on this war, not by our enemy, but by our own leaders. You’ve heard the phrase “divide
and conquer.” Well, the division of this country is playing right into the hands of our
enemy. The division is being caused by political rhetoric and a political agenda of our
own elected officials. What is truly sad is some of the very people that voted to send our
troops into harms way have now turned their back the very people they sent.

We are told by the left that they support the troops but not the mission. Yeah right Dick Durben and Harry Reid. Well, you can’t support the troops without supporting the mission. Damn it, don’t you understand that? This mission is a defining event in their lives. This mission is a part of who they are. I have not heard a single trooper come back from Iraq without being proud of the work that is being done. This mission is a source of pride for them. This mission will have profound affect on their lives. They will see and do things that will change them forever. They will rejoice in their victories and they will cry over their losses. They face death every single day during this mission. They are willing to die for this mission. If you tell them you don’t support it, you may as well tell them they are willing to die for no reason. Nothing can be more demoralizing or humiliating to a man than to tell him you don’t support what he’s willing to die for. It is impossible to support the troops if you are constantly trying to undermined his mission.
And that’s exactly what the left in this country is doing. And it sickens me to no end. So the
next time you hear someone at the office say they support the troops but not the mission,
call them on it. And tell them what you’ve read here.

Bottom line: We are at war with an enemy that will not quit. They have no regards for the
sanctity of human life, not even their own. If we think for one moment that pulling out of
Iraq will make them like us again, we are sadly mistaken. They will never like us. They
will never live and let live. They teach their children to hate us and they expect those
children to teach the same things to the next generation. This problem is not just going to
go away. We have to win. Let me tell you, you don’t win a war by underestimating your
enemy. You don’t win a war by trying to be liked. You don’t win a war by fighting amongst
yourselves. You win a war by standing together and taking on every challenge that war
presents. You take those challenges head on and with overwhelming force. You win a
war by putting politics aside and having faith in your leaders. We have the best military in
the world. We have the smartest people in the world. And if World War II taught us
anything, it taught us that we can accomplish anything if we work together. We can win
this war. This war that they started on September 11th 2001.
So to sum it up, Hillary, Kennedy Durbin, Reid, Murther ,Gore Polisi and the rest of you, Shut the hell up and let the rest of US do the job right!

Thank you…….for your time


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