Do we need more troops in Iraq? But that’s only part of the answer.

We need to summon the will and the stomach to win this war. We are not going to succeed if we are 1/2 divided on every move we try to make. If we are going to win the we must fight it to win, just like our enemy is doing. .Our enemies are brutes and need to be dealt with as such. To hell with political correctness.. They laugh ar every stupid move we make. Do we have to ask permission to put a bullet in the head of someone that only wants to kill us all?We need to break their will to continue and we need to stop aiding and abetting the terrorists or suffer terrible consequences. Who the hell cares about putting a pair of panties on the heard of a terrorist? First of all it looks a lot better then the rags they wear on their heads anyway!Just think about this, They cut off the heads of our guys and we put panties on their heads. So who are we kidding?Our enemies don’t respect us nor do they fear us. And that’s no way to win a war Do we have to ask Ted Kennedy his freaken opinion before we make a move? Do we have to get the dumb opinion from the likes of barbara Boxer?

When the hell are we going to wake up? Is it going to take another 9-11?

I support the President’s forthcoming plan for more troops

And you leftists who didn’t even want to bring Saddam Hussein up on war crimes charges, especially after his invasion of Kuwait — which by all accounts was an aggressive war waged under false pretenses? What the hell gives with you?

Oh, that’s right; you were too busy bashing the United States and our President.

You Libs and your friends in Congress are busy pointing your fingers about “war crimes” allegedly being committed by our own boys while flatly ignoring the ones that ARE being committed by these terrorists and their supporters. I tell you it’s nuts!

We have the means to win this war, all we need is the will. And let me say this, if we show the world that we are to weak to win this thing in a shitty little place like Iraq, what are we going to do if we have to fight a real enemy?

So more troops in Iraq is only part of the answer. The will to win is the other part.


2 responses to “Do we need more troops in Iraq? But that’s only part of the answer.

  1. I have questions about sending more troops. You mentioned various obstacles our troops have to face, and I am not talking about the people trying to attack them with weapons. Sadly their greatest obstacle in the war comes from members of Congress, the MSM and some ill-informed Americans! We COULD win if we overcame these obstacles. Sending more troops who still are limited by political correctness and decisions based on politics will still have these obstacles and will not win.

    God help us overcome the enemy from within!

  2. I like your blog a lot Cisco, good work.


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