Is Cursing Now In Fashion?

In our anything goes (using a Cell-Phone while driving) society,

it seems that Cursing is Now in Fashion. You don’t think so?

Well take a walk down your local Mall one day. Just listen to the way that the “Hip” young Moms speak to their 5-10 years old children.

Did I say speak? I meant to say yell.

“If you don’t shut the Fuck up, I’m going to smack you in your fuckin ass, you little bitch!.

Hum, In Fashion? Well maybe not, but I have to say, I hear it every day. I even see the little bastards get smacked in the fucken head with my own eyes! So it must be In Fashion!

Ok, all kidding aside. What is wrong with our society? When did all this happen? Do we put the blame on drugs? Perhaps the young singel Moms? Or perhaps both!

All I know is that it’s disgusting, and it is bringing our already dumbed down society even lower and dumber.

Is it the lack of education? Sure, it has to be, what Mother that has a college education would even thing of speaking to their own child that way?

Well, what Mom would even think of putting or should I say “Dumping” her new born baby in a trash can?

Yes, I’ll say that Cursing is Now In Fashion and shame on us, because it gets a whole lot worse than that!


7 responses to “Is Cursing Now In Fashion?

  1. Well I don’t think it is a fashion. I think it is a never been corrected issue. From generation to generation or from influence. Just like many other aspects, more so than none that are negative aspects of personal and formed characteristics.

    While I don’t like “PC” I do not like rude, un-thought out behavior of what is concidered “rude”. Swearing won’t go away….it never has. It just changes generational gaps and characteristics to make it look acceptable.

    I swear, in moments that are more acceptable. Offensive is a word that is more of an individual ideal…I find assuming offensive, yet people still do I assume alot though as well…ok, not alot, I am pretty good at trying not to…

    HOW the heck did you get a little smiley face at the bottom of your page??? Shesh-ok, I am outta here-ADD!

  2. debatethisii your reply is true, however I agree with Cisco the degree of cursing has really gone to a new level. When you see Mothers on a daily basis cursing out their own kids like it’s just common talk, well then I think it’s gotten out of hand.
    Example: Mel Gibson and Michael Richards, or whatever his name is!
    Good Blog Cisco.

  3. I have to agree to Cisco, sure swearing has always been around, but it used to be considered in bad taste to use it. Moms used to washed out those dirty mouths with soap for crying out loud! Maybe that was the extreme going the other way, but I certainly do not like the trend where foul language is considered socially acceptable. It’s because with TV, movies and music today, it’s just about anything goes when it comes to the language that is allowed.

  4. I can deal with swearing-its when these young mothers aren’t mothers that begin to bother me. like when they walk in my downtown area-not holding their childs hand, putting them in danger at all hours of the nights…the quiet mothers that don’t get help when they need it and toss their children off a bridge, or drowned them, or put them in microwaves. That is what concerns me….

    Swearing happens. It has and always will, it is their standard, not mine. I swear, but I don’t have children. I have animals…and I am sure if they could talk they would swear at some of the idiots they come across. However you ARE right-swearing AT your child is not very nice.

    However what is more disturbing is “violence” in the tone of the words used and the meaning of the words.

    My mom whooped my ass once. Never messed with her again…It took one good fairing ass whoopin to put me in a place that I would NOT want to move from because the sting of the wooden spoon I got hit with-still lingered days after the swat occured. Is that a bad thing?

    HECK NO! Carlos Mencia says it best, the sad thing is-the society has become to PC to realize that lol when parents WERE beating some behinds-they were less proned to cause trouble, soon as “Child Abuse” was spoken from a humiliated child (and I have NO DOUBT that abuse happens! NONE), things changed….Frustrated YOUNG parents. Obviously there is a circle here and within this circle there are different stories to be told, so that means I can’t base an opinion and state an opinion if that is the case.

  5. Expecting parents to not use violence and not use profanity do not have to be mutually exclusive goals. What’s wrong with wishing parents show restraint in their words and actions?

  6. I wonder what is going on… We seem to have a much lower standard for what we will tolerate among people talking in public… and even to their children.

    We have lost our moral compass. Great post.

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