The Media, Hollywood, Hillary and Obama.

Is Onama bad news for Hillary, is the dimwitted  Hollywood bunch and the Main Stream Media deserting ship?

Well oh well, what have we here?  Another Swift Boating, but on the Queen of Liberals this time?  Have the Hollywood players  jump on the untested bandwagon? Have they jumped ship?  Is the new Prince of Liberals, the latest stooge to parade in front of the press.

Hillary who the Liberal Media’s sweetheart smells competition and is up to all her “diry tricks” to snuff out the “Golden Boy” before he takes the lead that she has been working so hard for the past 6 years to get.  And make no mistakes about it, all bets are off now. The witch of Chappaqua is already digging up the dirt and leaking whatever she finds to the “smear tabloids”

Hillary smears Obama, Fox News and CNN reports on her smear, and then the liberal media circles the wagons for her by blaming Fox News for spreading a smear by reporting on it. Hillary gets her ugly message out, Fox News the only “non Liberal” station takes the blame.  Well I guess it’s a good thing that Bush or Cheney didn’t become the fall guy this time. 

Let’s face it folks, the media is going to make Obama into the second coming of JFK. and that is npt going to sit right with Madam Hillary. Oh no, I can see her now digging into her bag of diry tricks. Ah, what can I do to ruin him, where is the Watergate guys when I need them?

“What’s that you say, he went to a Muslim school?  His middle name is HUSSEIN!  Oh boy can I make hay with that story.” According to Insight Magazine which broke it first Matt C, it was Hillary Clinton staffers who first alleged that Obama attended a Wahabbist Madrassa in Indonesia. Wahhabbist. has beem associated with Muslim clerics preaching Death to America, as well as bein anti Jewish etc, etc, etc.

So far they are sticking with their story. Will this go away? Not as long as Hillary is able to make it pay off.

So, hang on to your hats folks, this Circus of Horrors is only just beging. The real dirt and slime is yet to come.

Seriously, the way this guy Osama Obama is getting treated you’d swear he were the second coming of Jesus.

Move over, Hillary, there’s another Prima donna in the race!



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