Am I A Republican In Name Only (RINO)?

Am I A Republican In Name Only (RINO)? Well. I never thought I was until I was called that very name today.

Lets examine the issue.

I’m fiscally conservative and have voted  Republican since I was old enough to vote.

I strongly supported the invasion of Afghanistan and still think it was the right thing to do. When the Bush administration  told me Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and harbored Al Qaeda, I supported the invasion of Iraq, even today I am 100 percent behind him for that and I approve of the “Serge” Only I want to go a bit further, I want to untie the hands of our Troops and let them fight this war like it should be fought, not the PC way.

And YES even though he is Pro Choice. I would vote for Rudy. So What if he’s Pro Choice, I am as well. Do I agree with EVERYTHING that Bush says and Does? No! Do You? I am not a one issue person or even a two issue person. I am for the good of my/our country. And to call me a RINO because I feel that way is simply ridicules…..Read the rest of this blog, does it sound like it was written by a Lib? How can you say that? Just because I am not a “Kool Aide” drinker or a “Lock step” thinker I should not be thrown under the bus as another RINO! I am surprised at you for even suggesting the thought. .. You see that’s what is wrong with the Republican party, yes MY party, in fact I am a registered Conservatives not a Republican. But like I said that’’s exactly wrong here, if we don’t march in step with the DUMB Republican platform we get insulted by our own… Well that’s too bad. I stand for what I believe, I am Pro Choice, I am for the Right to Bear Arms, in fact I belong to The National Rifle Association, I endorse the efforts of President Bush to keep our homeland safe by taking action on as many fronts as is needed , to stop terrorists before they strike us here on our home front. I recognize Israel’’s right to defend itself and I believe in helping her do so. I am FOR stem cell research. I bet that surprises you! As for Same Sex Marriage? I couldn’t care less. If I had to choose, I’’d choose against it, but I really don’’t care one way or another. I support the President’’s proposal to change the Social Security system .. I am for the right of parents who choose faith-based and other nonpublic school options for their children.. And I am Communism’’s biggest hater, and I support the embargo on trade with ANY Communist Nation, As for Immigration, I am a person that embraces new arrivals who legally come here to pursue the American dream. And I am for throwing out EVERY one that is here ill legally . I proudly support the PATRIOT Act because I know it will help make more of our communities safe from the scourge of terrorism, amd I am for anything that will help in doing so. As for the claim that the President is Spying on the American people, I think that is nonseanse and it’’s is a much needed plan today. I firmly believe that if we have nothing to hide than let the chips fall where they may. This is not 10 or 20 years ago, do we have to relinquish some of our “Rights to Privacy” I’m sorry to say that yes we do. Should we Profile as in “”Racial Profiling”? We would be not only foolish not to, but we would be crazy not to. This is not done to .keep the Racists happy, it’’s done to keep the innocent safe.. The Separation of Church And State should stay where it is and where it belongs, not to impose new and stupid laws as Keeping religious symbols off of Malls and streets. I firmly believe in our children learning from other religious. A Christmas tree or a Chanukah menorah never hurt us in the past and I doubt if any child will be hurt from it in the future. If any of these feel to Liberal for you beth then I guess you are right and I am a RINO


10 responses to “Am I A Republican In Name Only (RINO)?

  1. You are not a RINO, you are a CINO (Conservative in Name Only). There is a difference. Being Republicans does not autmatically make you Conservative, nor vice versa. Please get your terminology straight. Thanks, Cisco. You are spot on about the War on Terror, I will give you that.

  2. You know, Cisco, you really don’t have to be mad or anything, you are what you are. If you are not a true conservative, I can still like you. I have had online friends who are not only pro-choice but they are downright socialist! Doesn’t mean I don’t try to engage them in conversations to change their mind, and vice versa. Sometimes I even agree with them on certain issues, makes me a more compassionate conservative.

  3. Not to worry Beth, I am far from mad. In fact I’m happy to know that I’m not a RINO but a CINO … Just joking.
    I should have known better to argue about things like that in the first place.
    Anyway I’m not going to pursue the subject any further but at least you gave me the ambition to write a new blog..
    Btw, did you notice your blogs link on my blog roll?

  4. Funny that you have a picture of one of our most conservative presidents EVER (Ronald Reagan was pro-life through and through).

    But I have found a home for you, my Cisco friend, the libertarian party seems to fit you better.

  5. Ronald Reagan was always my FAVORITE US President. But as I’ve been telling you all along, it never made a difference to me what their Abortion preference was. None at alll. There are too many other issues that I consider when voting for a President. Abortion is not one of them. When I vote for a President I vote for … Number one, leading this nation and keeping it safe.
    I do not believe it belongs in the platform at all.

  6. It’s been nice chatting with you Beth, why not come over and join the Foram boad that I hang out on, I think you will like the other folks and I know you will find it a very friendly place. The Administrator is a great guy named Marlon

  7. I am confused, if the issue of abortion isn’t important to you, then why do you care if it is on the Republican platform?

  8. Beth Says: I am confused, if the issue of abortion isn’t important to you, then why do you care if it is on the Republican platform?

    I say:

    Because it costs the party lots of votes!

    Many pro choicers don’t vote Rep because of it.
    It don’t bother me because I know that No president would over throw Roe vs Wade anyway! So why even have it in the platform?

  9. I think if the Republican party was NOT pro-life they would lose a hell of a lot more votes than they would gain.

    Here is how a president can affect Roe v Wade. He can nominate judges who know it was a legally unsound decision and could overturn it, or if Congress passes a bill to protect the unborn, a pro-lfe president wouldn’t veto.

  10. Beth Says:

    Here is how a president can affect Roe v Wade. He can nominate judges who know it was a legally unsound decision and could overturn it, or if Congress passes a bill to protect the unborn, a pro-lfe president wouldn’t veto

    I say:

    But that will never happen Beth

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