A Famous Role At Another Peace Rally

Did you see and hear Jane Fonda? Nothing changed She is still the same  traitor she always was.   She is now 69 years old and still as dumb as a Turd.  This woman should have been put of her misery long ago .

It was inevitable It  was no coincidence that as soon as the Dems took control of the Congress the anti-war lefty wacko’s came out of the woodwork. It won’t be long before we start seeing riots. The only thing missing is Babs herself singing, “Memories… Just give that bunch a reason not to take a shower and they just keep turning up again and again and again. Just you watch, I’m sure that the call for Joan Baez a.k.a. Little Joanie Phonyand the Kom by ya crowd was already made. but the word is out that she is camping out with Cindy Sheehan.

So here we go again folks. Make way for the usual swine to enter, Bruce Springsteen the guy that don’t just hate Bush but hates all Conservatives.. Jon Stewart, Al Franken, Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon and her stooge, Danny Glover, Martin Sheen and lets not forget Harry Belofonte the king of the Traitors. Will Al Gore be far behind?

A word to you if you are a protestor.  You are a bedwetting, pot smoking long haired, cheese eating surrender monkey, a commie loving moron.

If you are or were at any time defending this country in the military or in any other capacity, you are a hero in my book and I salute you. To all you military people – our apologies for these dirty poor excuses for human beings. Even though it’s always said that you are the protectors of these halfwits, I don’t agree with that. Nobody really wants these idiots protected except their own kind. I know I don’t and I really don’t believe you do either, deep down. These are the same half brains that spat on you when you came home from Vietnam. These traitors just plain suck. Half of them are left over from the sixties, where they burnt their brains out and have been wandering around ever since looking for another protest.

Thank God these useless freaks keep dragging out the same pathetic druggies and perverts that have been around for 30 or 40 years i e. Jane Fonda, that makes it obvious to anyone with any sense at all to see right thru them. What a joke these people are. a total worthless waste of human flesh And a joke. to man kind.

Did anyone ever ask these freaks what would happen after we would cut and run, systematicly withdrawal, phase pullout…or what ever the PC term for surrender is, does that mean that the war is over? Huh? No it means that the terrorist have won and then what” Next stop America. Could one of the hippies please tell me “THEN WHAT”?


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