Thank’s To Sandy Berger, Clinton’s Ass Was Saved!

I have always felt and I have said it may times that I believe the Clinton’s are a a very dangerous twosome. And it goes  way beyond just policy making. It goes into criminal acts and maybe even as far as treason.  You know we all looked at what Nixon did, and he was all but sent to jail for it. And there were many people that wanted him to get jail time  for what he did. Well it turns out now that what Sandy Berger and his “Boss” or should I say bosses did was so much larger than what Nixon fell from grace about.Don’t you agree that if these documents were never stolen in the first place, the 9-11 commission would have had all the information to make a more informed conclusion, Bush would have been aware of this entering office had Sandy Berger informed Condi Rice (Which he didn’t by the way) about any of this instead of trying to protect his and Clinton’s asses, 9-11 may NEVER have happened! Well it certainly is a possibility.

As if we hadn’t had enough, now the Democrats want us to make Hillary the President?  It’s beyond belief how far and how low today’s Democrats will go.

I don’t think that anyone with a clear head really thinks that Sandy Berger didn’t steal and destroy national security documents and then used the most Bull Shit excuse I have ever heard of to explain it. Did anyone ever believe that? Well I guess some of those Kool Aide drinking Libs did. And what did he get for it? He was given a soft slap on the wrist. Nothing at all. Nothing like how they crucified Richard Nixon!  Everyone involved with that LAME break in and document stealing including Bill himself should have been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law . Ah, but the MSM wouldn’t let that happen they rather it be swept under the rug.. As it was!


2 responses to “Thank’s To Sandy Berger, Clinton’s Ass Was Saved!

  1. The full extent of Berger’s document removal is not known, and never can be known. Sandy Berger is as free as a bird and Libby Faces Trial, go figure!

  2. I have never understood the kid glove handling of the whole Sandy Berger crime. It is almost like he stole a piece of gum from the candy store rather than classified documents during a hearing investigating issues related to those documents.

    I suspect that if Berger had been a republican the democrats and MSM would have been hollering for his head every day for months.

    And of course. Scooter Libby did far less damage in the whole Plame-Wilson NON-scandal – and he is literally on trial as we speak, defending himself from criminal jeopardy.

    Makes you think don’t it?

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