The President Kicks Ass On Iraqi Critics


I was delighted to hear the President challenge the critics of his new Iraq policy, saying that it was their “obligation* to put forward their own plan. if of course they had one, which they don’t!

It seems he’s following up on his State of the Union address asking for his critics to come up with an alternative to his Iraq policy.

By and large, the president has not done a good job of challenging his angry adversaries. They claim he lied in leading us to war without offering particulars, that is, without pointing to statements the president made in the months before the war and showing how the president knew them to be false when he made them.

I only hope we see more of the combative President Bush I saw on Fox News. While he need not adopt the anger and the ruthlessness of his predecessor in going after his critics, he should at least bear in mind that part of Clinton’’s success stemmed from his willingness to rebut his opponents (or attempt to discredit them). The president and his team should dare to challenge his critics, questioning their assumptions and demanding that they come up with alternatives.

He must take issue with those who level false accusations against him and criticize his plans without putting forward alternatives of their own. It’s time he stopped pussyfooting around with his critics as he has been doing since day one of his administration. Once those lefty Bush-haters see any sigh of weakness on the Presidents behalf, they are going to walk all over him as they already have been doing since he let those people off the hook when they trashed the White House the first day this President won the election.

The Democrats are betraying our troops fighting overseas to save their political skins. If the surge is successful they will try to take credit for it, and if it isn’’t they will claim they were against it all along. They are probably the most contemptible political party in American history and I only hope that they will answerr

Maybe some on the left have drunk enough Kool-aide to believe that after America is defeated, Iraq will go back to being the Nation of peace that they always were with rainbow skies, and rivers made of chocolate, where the children danced and laughed and played toys and with gumdrop smiles as Michael Moore and Sean Penn made it out to be

LOL. And what do they think all of those “insurgents” are going to do once they ’ve won? Maybe the will give them FREE Bruce Springsteen concerts!


One response to “The President Kicks Ass On Iraqi Critics

  1. But they DO have a plan, it’s called CUT AND RUN!

    Good blog, Cisco, I agree, what has President Bush got to lose by calling out his critics? It’s about time he did and it is good to see him finally doing it.

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