My Problem with John McCain

My Problem With John McCain

As John McCain moves to smooth the ruffled feathers of social conservatives considered about his past attitudes toward them and about his stance on a number of issues, my doubts about the Presidential bid John McCain continue to grow. I’’m always troubled when a candidate goes out of his way to appease social conservatives —— as McCain appears to be doingJohn McCain is one of the principle reasons why the GOP lost Congress. I can tell you one thing, because of his positions there is no way he will ever be elected President.McCain is courting Christian conservatives it seems McCain is trying yet again to placate a group not readily disposed to him. On a number of issues, notably foreign policy and federal spending, John McCain has been a bold conservative, standing up against the media establishment and even his party (when it strayed from its principles). And he was a true hero during the Vietnam War.But, too often, he seems too eager to please those who might otherwise be an odds with him. And to often he speaks out of both sides of his mouth.  Also his tendency to posture on certain issues to please the media, and that kind of reminds me of Bill Clinton.  Not a quality which would serve him well as Commander-in-Chief. And that’s why I have a problem with John McCain.

This guy is too hot to handle, and anyone with a temper like that

should not be anywhere near the Top Secret Presidential codes, much less at the negotiating table


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