The Democrats are Holier than thou! Or are they?

 Now, I’ll admit that keeping up with the lies of Clinton and Gore is a full time occupation. How can we ever forget.?

“I did not have sex with that women, Monica Lewinsky”

God forbid we should cast stones at Hillary for her duplicity and her scandalous marriage, or at Governor Duval Patrick of Mass. for his too-lavish lifestyle, or Ted Kennedy for his “lack of knowledge about swimming” or Clinton’’s affair with Monica Lewinsky or Al Gore for his purchasing of carbon credits from his own company. Or even John F. Kennedy who was the most famous presidential philanderer the world has ever seen. Who has had affairs with actresses Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Kim Novak and Angie Dickinson. It’s no wonder that Bill Clinton admired him so much! I could go on and on. But let’’s talk about John Kerry. I don’’t want to see his sell-out of the Vietnam POWS-MIAS overlooked because of a sex scandal. He stands out like a sore thumb when it comes to scandals. The left are such pros when it comes to talking about the miss-givings of the Republicans. But when WE do so, it’’s another story. Are we being mean-spirited when we are telling the truth?


2 responses to “The Democrats are Holier than thou! Or are they?

  1. You know the left just seem to be either Whore Mongers or Ned Flanderesses, which ever is the worse of the two I suppose depends on your morals. On one hand they preach family values while giving Baloney Pony Rides to Interns or they are Ineffectual little do goody girly men who just do not want to rock the boat and enjoy the status quo, unless their personal safety is at risk and then it is CALL OUT THE TROOPS. No happy medium with them. In Canada our left wing Liberal and National Democratic Party are such self serving crooks who pander to the minority and immigrants for votes, such as demanding our Conservative Government immediately issue an public apology and financial compensation to Sikhs descendants who were turned away from our shores almost 100 years ago. HMMM now here is the poser, Liberals and NDP were in power a scant few years ago when this story hit and they did absolutely squat, and now all of a sudden they want the Conservatives to issue an apology? Gee Left wing political posturing for the media close to election time? Ya Think? These lefty turd burglars will try everything in the book to get elected to office, even as the opposition by crossing each others floor (Political Party) if they think the other side will give them more money or power or a larger office space.
    One thing is certain, by doing this, they show they have no party loyalty amongst their own party and are only in it for themselves, hence a decade of political and financial scandals involving these two lefty parties is their legacy.

  2. I too an awaiting justice to come knocking on Kerry’s door.

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