Imus or Sharpton, who is REALLY more hateful?

 You know what, I’m REALLY sick of  the Crap that’s going on in our country!

I’m sick of people being offended by HUMOR… it’s a goddamn JOKE, means DON’T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY… and if you DO take it serious it’s YOUR freaken problem not OURS, you have the simple option to NOT LISTEN OR WATCH whatever you choose not to and this oversensitive idiocy is step by step destroying this country as everyone gives these bullsh!t softball comments to avoid infurating some small interest group looking for a target to bitch at to get attention to their damn selves!

The only thing I hate more then people who are offended by stuff like this is PEOPLE WHO WITH DOUBLE STANDARDS …. you got offended  TO FREAKEN BAD!  Get the  over it and move on and get a DAMN LIFE PEOPLE! You don’t go and get people fired because YOU didn’t like what they said!

Don Imus has just lost his radio show with CBS. Only one day earlier MSNBC pulled the plug on the Cable TV simulcast of the radio show. All this has resulted from a vicious hate campaign by the Black racist agitator Al Sharpton against Don Imus.

Don Imus has a long history of supporting charities that help needy children, which includes a large number of Black children. Anyone who accuses Imus of being a racist is woefully ignorant of his past deeds. Imus was literally holding a Radiothon to raise money for children with cancer as Sharpton pressured CBS and MSNBC to cancel his shows.

Black Racist and Slanderer Al Sharpton

Imus’ cable TV show was canceled before the yearly cancer fund-raiser began, and his radio show was canceled literally in the middle of the fund-raiser for the children with cancer. It was more important for the soulless managers at CBS to appease the Black racist Al Sharpton than to allow a kind and decent man to raise millions of dollars for children with cancer. Meanwhile, Al Sharpton stays in luxury hotels when he travels, wears expensive suits and raises money for himself. This is truly a low point in human civilization.

Al Sharpton has a long history of encouraging race-hatred. Sharpton inflamed Black people in New York over a traffic accident. Sharpton accused a store owner of unfairly raising the rent on a Black business, leading to an arson and shooting incident that killed six people. Sharpton has smeared White individuals with false rape accusations not just once, but twice.

The first time was the Tawana Brawley case in which a fifteen year old Black girl, who stayed out too late and feared being punished by her parents, made up a story claiming that White police officers had raped her. Sharpton continued to push her story long after it was proven to be a pack of lies. One police detective, whom Sharpton persisted in accusing of rape, won a libel lawsuit against Sharpton.

Sharpton accused three White students of raping a Black stripper in the Duke-LaCrosse case and inflamed hatred against the three Whites long after the case against them began to fall apart. Sharpton has never apologized for slandering any of these Whites. The case was finally thrown out just this week over a year after the original incident. The case should never have been filed in the first place, but thanks to biased prosecutor Michael Nifong and Black racist Al Sharpton, three White students went through hell.

The recent botched joke by Don Imus was blown out of all proportion deliberately by Al Sharpton. Perhaps Sharpton had a grudge against Imus for pointing out what a sleazy shake-down artist, he is.

Sharpton had his sights set on Don Imus and launched a vicious hate campaign against him at the first opportunity. Once Imus said something that had the slightest hint of a anti-Black comment, Sharpton jumped in demanding that Imus be fired, while refusing to accept any apologies. The expression Imus used: “nappy headed hoes” was taken directly from several popular rap songs and Al Sharpton KNOWS this. Sharpton also knows that most White people are unfamiliar with rap songs and won’t realize that Imus was simply trying to be “hip” quoting some rap lyrics. This is exactly the sort of dishonesty and sliminess that one can expect from Al Sharpton.

There is absolutely no sense of proportionality or sanity in this incident. A CNN article claiming that Imus had made racist comments in previous years produced only six alleged examples over a seventeen year period. None of the so-called examples with Blacks involved a racial slur.

Al Sharpton is demanding a “One Strike and You’re Out” policy for alleged racial remarks. Naturally this policy applies only against Whites and not against loud-mouthed Black racists, who smear and slander decent, law-abiding White people. Who the HELL is he to have that kind of power?


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