I Can’t Stand Paris Hilton!

I can’t stand Paris Hilton. In fact I hate Paris Hilton. I think this slut is the worst human being on the face of the Earth. Here are my reasons why. She’s a heiress of the Hilton Hotel fortune. Her Father is beyond loaded and she’ll never have to do any real work her entire life in order to life comfortably.

These are values she projects every single time she gets into the news. She’s a spoiled, inconsiderate, uneducated brat of a whore. She knows it and she loves it! Is this the kind of person we want our daughter’s looking up to and the girls we want our sons to bang (the answer to the son question is ‘yes son, because you can marry her and sue her for everything she is worth, thus making all of us rich and her poor.’). And as far as “banging” her, why not? I wish that I had the chance to! Boys will be boys ya know. And I was always told, “bang em and leave em! She keeps popping up in the news in every way shape and form. Her split up friendship with Nicole Ritchie made national news! Give me a break, who the hell cares? ! When my friend Felex shot my other friend Pedro in the balls with a shotgun, and his balls splattered across the room it didn’t even make the local paper. That’s a lot more fun then two skanks battling.

Too many people give a crap about things like this and that’s why it keeps getting in the news! Sure, Paris models and looks alright sometimes. But most of the time she just looks like some bird that crawled her way out of a gutter. South Park had an entire episode which Paris waltzed around trying to buy people and promote her as the biggest thing that ever hit TV..

Paris is exactly what we don’t want our daughters, nieces or cousins to become. So why do we keep putting her in the spotlight? She isn’t that interesting! She’s just your typical, run of the mill dumb slut who happens to have a rich father. Why does that make her better then every other 21 year-old girl in the country? I know so many more girls who are a ton more attractive, smart and intriguing than this stupid whore and they’ll never get a show. Money is what is killing our country entertainment-wise (I won’t get into any other things that money is screwing up around this country or I’ll be talking forever). Money is what puts these images in front of us that we don’t want to see, but someone obviously isn’t getting enough of them because they keep winding up in the news. I’m sick of seeing reality shows with these dumb sluts in them. We are projecting poor moral’s and terrible behavior on children who need to be learning that everything these cum-guzzling road whores are doing should never be mirrored. Sponsors need to stop supporting this behavior by buying ads. Networks need to stop hiring these people for shows that are worthless and make me feel like I’m an inch away from being declared officially retarded after having watched a moment of the programming. We as viewers, as the public need to quit acknowleding the existence of these poor images. I, for one, know I harp on these people all the time and am partly the problem. When I make fun of these folks I am doing so to let you all know how sick these people are and how they should NOT be famous. They aren’t good people, and Paris hasn’t earned a single thing she has gotten.

So now lets switch over to another pet peeve of mine, Anne Nicole Smith. Anna went broke abusing drugs after her Playboy days and had to marry some old rich crazy guy and steal the fortune the man had set aside for his children. She all of the sudden became fat and got a show. She never earned anything she got, she had to steal, lie and cheat to get where she is. She’s a real loser who should have never been in the National spot light at all. Nobody should care about any of these people. I’m starting a movement to boycott these images from television and any form of media until they do something to deserve our attention. Please, join me in this movement to remove these dumb people from the National spot light. After all what are they but a bunch of pretty whores that got lucky and got discovered by a guy with a scam and a camera. They never demonstrated talent or even a ounce of smarts. Britney Spears, you are next on my list!


2 responses to “I Can’t Stand Paris Hilton!

  1. you know wht iam from england and iam feed up of hear bout paris like everyone but anna smith theres no need to take the piss out of her at the end off the day she had a hard life and she tryed to make somethin of herself so why not…
    There are so many people out there that all they want to be is with someone with money if you can do that and not hurt anyone on the way then go for it you only live once why stuggle when you can be givin it on a plate

  2. Fucking rights, I agree with everyone you said! She is such a stupid whore, i wish they would just fucking hang her and get it over with!

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