Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Launches Anti-War Campaign

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream unveiled its new anti-war media campaign dubbed, “Federal Budget Priorities Campaign”.

The popular left-wing frozen confection says that they want to help Americans decided for themselves how to more equitably slice the proverbial pie. The goal is to heighten awareness of the money the Pentagon spends on nuclear weapons vs. a shortfall of spending on basic unmet needs of children…

“We can do much better for America’s children”, says Walt Freese, Ben & Jerry’s CEO. “Many military experts agree that up to $13 billion can be cut from nuclear arms spending without compromising national security. These funds should be redirected toward programs such as universal child health care, immunization programs, and Head Start – at no additional taxpayer expense.”

How does Ben & Jerry plan to spread its message? With a new ice cream flavor of course!

The new flavor aptly named, “American Pie”, is an apple flavored ice cream loaded with pieces of apples and pie crust. The lid of the carton of this new flavor displays a pie-chart illustrating the “food for thought” that Ben & Jerry’s wants to call to attention.

In addition, the company is planning a multi-city road tour running through Washington, D.C., New York, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and Portland, which will give away samplings of the new flavor.

There will also be a nationwide postcard writing campaign, where visitors to Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops will be urged to send postcards to Congress to asking lawmakers to consider Ben & Jerry’s words of wisdom.

Ben & Jerry’s return to social awareness comes on the heels of a publicity blunder, when it pissed off thousands of Irish Americans for launching its “Black & Tan Ice Cream” on St. Patrick’s Day, the day when Irish celebrate their heritage. While the flavor was meant to celebrate the famous beer beverage, it instead reminded Irish folks of the atrocities they suffered at the hands of the English. The company later issued an apology after the matter was publicized by Reuters.

If you want to see the message behind American Pie, visit Ben & Jerry’s American Pie webpage.


4 responses to “Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Launches Anti-War Campaign

  1. They could think up a new flavor for Michael Moore “Fatass”

  2. God bless our fallen heros and those serving today.

    You have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend 🙂

  3. These three fat assed liberals deserve each others and Ben & Jerry can take their left wing ice cream and stick it up their fat asses. I haven’t given those slobs a dime in my life and never will o would. I missed this story, thanks.

    Ever notice the only time libs do anything for anybody is when some of the money somehow ends up in their pockets? Thats the only time they give anything away is if they get a cut.

    Hope you had a good memorial day weekend.

  4. It looks like Michael Moore has had quite a bit of Ben and Jerry’s. He’s a jerk.

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