The Sopranos Finale


Did I love the ending? No..  Did i hate it?  No!  Did I get pissed off because Tony was not wacked?  Not at all.   I’m certainly not going to say say it was a great ending.  but it was a clever one. . Do I wish there had been a better ending. . .I guess so  what he wanted to do was to  to stir up some  controversy that’s for sure, and controversy is what that show is all about.

The thing about the finale is that we shouldn’t have expected a conventional ending to a show that has never been conventional. This is a show that forced viewers to examine exactly why we like and root for Tony Soprano. He is a thug, a horrible husband and father, and will kill family members to save himself. Yet, the last scene last night had so much tension you just didn’t know what to expect.

 Still this show will go down as one of the greatest TV dramas ever, and certainly the most influential show of its time.

So lets just say, thanks for all the great years.

As for the political view point, David Chase actually turned Meadow and then AJ into his own political mouthpiece, and I thought that stunk.


2 responses to “The Sopranos Finale

  1. How about the new Hillary and Bill, Soprano Commercial LOL!

    Now that is funny. Just another example of Hillary trying to portray herself as something she’s not.

    Unless she want’s the general public to think she’s part of organized crime!

    Hey, that might be true! Who knew?

  2. I did see it .
    Oh God what a Gas.

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