Conservatives believe in smaller government, abiding by the US Constitution, and in a strong defense. We have high expectations in ourselves as individuals, rather than looking to government to be a fix all.  We expect government to do the right thing but stay out of the way while Liberals believe that government is the answer to all social ills. They have created a victim class, initiating social programs that make people dependent on government, and thus insure and perpetuate their own continued power. Liberals expect their problems to be solved by government while Conservatives want the freedom to solve their own problems without government interferance.
Conservatives believe in low taxation while libs are always working to bring about redistribution of wealth by imposing high taxes on the producers in society. Private property and individual wealth is integral to individualism, and the enemy of the liberal. They believe that anyone who is making money must be stealing it from someone else. Liberals work to take from the haves who worked for it, and giving it to the have-nots, who in many cases don’t want to work at all. A Lib would sooner pull out his own teeth with a pair of pliers than cut a tax. Conservatives believe in the power of the individual to make his way in this world, while libs expect government to provide everything.  
Liberals only want to seen for their good intentions. They don’t want their failures exposed. Doing so allows people to understand the folly of their programs.  They don’t want to be judged because they never want to accept moral responsibility. They want to be able to do anything they want without any consequence, and they operate totally on emotion.  For them, anything goes. Despite decades of spectacular failure, they deny their failures, but, in the name of good intentions, continue to persue the same failed policies even though they don’t work. Liberals are loyal to philosophical abstractions. Conservatives are loyal to their own nation, and seek harmony with its Founders and heroes and guiding principles while libs seek harmony with the French and Germans.  Speaking in terms of good and evil is considered too simplistic by liberals.  They cannot call a spade a spade.  They must cloud this issue with nuance.  Like Conservatives, Liberals want to be free, but unfortunately … just free of personal responsibility.


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