My good blogging friend DD2 over at Our World As We See It

Has written a blog about Hillary Clinton’s bitching and Moaning about that MSNBC reporter that stated Chelsea Clinton was “PIMPED OUT” by Hillary to make telephone calls to the Super Delegate.

Well isn’t that what happened? And didn’t Hillary write that letter to the reporters boss to try and get him suspended, fired, or whatever?

DD2 was right on target with his blog. And this guy comes out of the wood-work and blasts him for saying Hillary suppresses Freedom of Speech!

Here is what he was talking about

“Does Hillary have free speech, or does she have to pretend to accept an apology she considers insincere? More imortantly, what about poor Imus? Whenever he’s tired of a job, he makes outrageous comments until his employers have to fire him, which makes him more controversial so he gets a better paying job next time. Being defended by self righteous conservatives makes his task much harder. Are you going to force him to desecrate holy symbols in public before his employers are allowed to fire him without having to fear accusations they don’t support free speech?”

I say, when you try to get someone FIRED, and having them lose their means of making a living, that’s when you are going to far.


7 responses to “

  1. This looks to be another strong arm tactic by the Clintons . Someone stating an opinion such as the reported did is just that, an opinion. But for Clinton to threaten amything here in response is ludicris and quite telling.

  2. What does Hillary Clinton know about integrity? I say screw Chelsea Clinton. Bring David Shuster back so he can give us the real scoop on the zigzag politics Hillary is using and rushing to John Edward’s home. Hillary just can’t come straight to the people of America to save her life. She is working under-the-table as much as she possible can. It is shameful how the first woman that has a possible chance to be president of the United States is behaving; shame on Hillary Clinton
    I don’t trust Clinton. She wants to be president so bad, that she has had a memory loss about her husband’s extra-marital affairs. Who can forget her bold hostile statement that her husband did not cheat. Or his for a matter of fact as he so eloquently pointed his shaking finger in the faces of all Americana denouncing haveing any sexual contact with Monica Lewinsky. Then after months and months of ongoing investigation and meetings, OH MY! He was convicted, admitted his infidelity and now wants to go on down the road as if nothing happened. What would another 8 years of these 2 people demonstrate to our children in America or anywhere else about morales. Is it only O.K. if the president committs the inappropriate behavior or is it also okay if the first lady/wannabe president stands by her man, which to me states she feels his behavior is appropriate. I’m sure that if the question were posed they would say this is a private matter between them and part of their personal/private relationship. No Way, he made it public when he had Monica in America’s House.
    Hillary is not being slammed because she is a woman. She is being slammed because of who she is and what she does. Quite frankly I”m sick to death of the Clinton’s and all the garbage they bring with them. Their sense of entitlement aggravates me and shows how shallow they are. “Can’t stand the heat”, well, you know the rest!

  3. Thanks for the plug Cisco.

    That was quite a good post Philly Gal..I have to agree with you.

  4. Loved your comment at DDs and just wanted to check ya out. Great post. Will definitely be visiting again!

  5. Thank you Marie and Jennifer, I’ll be visiting you blogs as well.
    Isn’t DD the best?

  6. So, it’s obvious you people have been inbreeding for awhile.

    Oh, and the word is “ludicrous”, not LUDICRIS, you ignorant heathen.

    So, it’s okay to impeach a president for lying about a blow job, but if you use lies to murder thousands of people, like this administration, everything is hunky dory.


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