I think the high road is the only road McCain should follow.

McCain is right to take “the high” road. Obviously this is just a strategy, not some moral imperative. What he did to Romney with the time-tables distortions was definitely low-road but highly effective.

Obama has just scared millions of voters with the Wright revelations. He went from golden boy to Black Panther in a week among the swing contingent, not the hardcore libs and identity voters, but fair-weather friends. I said before the Wright controversy erupted that when someone’s appeal is based on little information in can be reversed in a flash when new information is added. McCain is a known quantity so he is hard to dislodge with new information, and he has this weird, quirky appeal to those who like him that is also somewhat cultish in nature, just not as enthusiastic as either Ron Paul’s or Obama’s. It’s smart for him to avoid any “racist”, “bigot”, etc . charges that he would unavoidably incur by opening his uncontrollable mouth. He ought to stay unscripted but on safe subjects. If he is judged healthy enough by November and doesn’t do anything completely crazy, he is in.McCain will win on the strength of his character, not on his ability to play dirty. To be sure, Obama is self-destructing because of his weakness of character.


One response to “I think the high road is the only road McCain should follow.

  1. I think that McCain better change his tune and change it fast.
    This is not a game to play Mr nice guy .

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