The Kentucky Derby And My Thoughts on Eight Belles.

Thoroughbred racing is a beautiful sport, but a dangerous one for the horses.  As we saw yesterdayWhen a tragic situation occurs, such as the horrible incident with Eight Belles, it sickens the soul. But to think that some believe the appropriate response is to simply look away, or as some suggest, simply end horseracing, is such a nauseating disservice to these magestic animals. We are basically being told to “leave them high and dry.”
The ill-informed need to see the big picture. Should we just shrug off accidents like this as “part of the game?” Hell no! Should we ban horseracing? Hell no!  Should we continue to strive for safety in the sport for both horse and rider?  Bingo!  The move to synthetic is a good gesture. However, lasix and other meds are what really need to be addressed. While they have been used with the best intentions of doing good for the horse, they are setting generations of off-spring up with some real challenges.
So, if you feel horrible and sickened by Eight Belles’ death, thats good. That is the way that a caring, horse-lover SHOULD feel


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