Hillary’s Exit Strategies

Talk turns to how and when, not why and whether, as pressure mounts…………

So now that  Hillary Clinton has survived (sort of) her roughest week yet — which way toward her (officially deemed inevitable) exit?
Will the public calls from (former) friends reach critical mass? Could Sen. Barack Obama simply declare the race over?   Will her financial fumes evaporate?   And would a bailout matter?   Will it just be math — as tallied by the superdelegates?  I noticed that wo more dropped out of her camp on Friday morning.
The problem is that most of the Obama supporters have very short attention spans and even shorter memories. They forget what they read a couple of months ago and then believe everything they hear Obama say to “explain” all that other stuff that didn’t sound so nice. It’s the Paris/Britney phenomenon. Doesn’t matter how many train wreck debacles they create as long as they perform for the fans. Their hero can do no wrong even after time and time again proving himself to be the ‘same old same old politics as usual’ that he rallies against. Step right up, It’s the dumbest show on earth. Believe everything you hear, and deserve everything you get.
Either Hillary or Obama, this has got to be the dunbest show in town.
If John Mccain don’r win this one, I think that our party (the Republicans) are going to be in big doo doo.

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