Obama and the Terrorist! ~ Yes Bush Still has balls

Here’s the deal. American people haven’t been educated enough to care about the “world political goals” of radical Islam. We’re to busy trying to be politically correct as not to offend anybody. Not only is this wrong when it denies the truth, but in turn helps the radical’s to achieve their goals. What’s their goal? A peaceful world of course. Learning how this peace is achieved through Islamic fundamentalism is the key. We’re a secular society, there for what’s not a religious war to us doesn’t mean it’s not a religious war to them. We’re taught to be tolerant & respect all peaceful religions and simply put, they’re not. We’re either kuffar’s (non believers – atheist that means you also) or polytheist (other religions) or apostates (converts from Islam to another religion – to bad for Obama, that’s him). According to fundamental Islam, either we convert to Islam or pay a jizya (tax) and submit to a dhimmi (lower) status or we can be killed with no more thought than that of an animal. Women? Forget about it, your done either way. Get use to beatings & wearing a tent. Politicians are not allowed to even think of the word crusade, let alone apply it to the Islamic radical’s goals of world peace. Yeah, the world will be peaceful all right, according to Islamic fundamental belief’s, when we all submit to sharia law. They’re on a “CRUSADE” to employ sharia law throughout the world.

Now here’s a “fact” I bet allot of people don’t know. It’s okay to “lie”, according to fundamental beliefs, when it furthers the cause of spreading Islam. Some politicians will love that one. How can it be a lie, when you’re already absolved going in? Yeah, I agree. Somebody better check deeper into Barrack Hussein Obama’s endorsement from Hamas. Ooop’s, I wrote his middle name, because of the “fact” Obama was registered a Saudi Muslim in the Indonesian school he attended, so he could spend four hours a day learning the Qur’an. (American Thinker website has an article written about this today). I’m not saying he’s down with the fundamental belief’s of radical Islam, but combine this with his denial of not knowing (lying possibly?) of the radical message coming from his “spiritual mentor”. Rev Wright’s man of the year award to Farrakhan. Obama’s anti-Israel advisors. Stated willingness to meet with radical extremist with no preconditions. Yeah, wearing the flag pin (Saudi wahabism or slafi, non belief in that of idols etc.) or placing his hand over his heart during the national anthem. Associations (not necessarily friends) with anti American radicals. Obama’s is, is, use of just “words” . I’d say Obama’s got allot more explaining to do. I get a thrill up my leg just waiting for these answers. C’mon Hillary, where’s this bomb on Obama you promised us, or are we suppose to figure it out for ourselves?


3 responses to “Obama and the Terrorist! ~ Yes Bush Still has balls

  1. Learn more about Islam at Robert Spencer’s blog Jihad Watch.

  2. Yes, President Bush is right about “radical” Islam, but if I hope he is listening to Ollie North.

  3. Yes, President Bush is right about “radical” Islam, but I hope he is listening to Ollie North.

    That one should work.

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