Obama talks with Hillary Clinton. But Clinton Diss’s Him


Outside the Capitol this morning, Sen. Barack Obama was asked by reporters if he was disappointed by the tone of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s non-concession speech last night.

His answer: “I thought Sen. Clinton, after a long-fought campaign, was understandably focused on her supporters . . . . I just spoke to her today, and we are going to be having a conversation in the coming weeks. I am very confident about how unified the Democratic Party is going to be to win in November.”

Asked whether Clinton had given him any indication that she’d be dropping out of the race, Obama said: “It wasn’t a detailed conversation.”

Before stopping to talk to reporters, Obama did a victory lap through the Senate, where he was treated to the hero’s welcome from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

Looking to mend fences, Obama greeted many Clinton supporters enthusiastically, including a vigorous handshake with  Charles Schumer  and a kiss on the cheek for  Dianne Feinstein.

Hillary has been shown on (numerous) video tapes throughout the Democratic primaries, dissing Obama. The most prominent video was the one where she said herself and John McCain were more “qualified” to lead the nation and more experienced on national security matters. If Obama puts Clinton on the ticket, the Republicans can thank the MSM and YouTube for all those video clips; basically using Clinton’s and Obama’s words against each other in McCain?s political advertisements, ending each political ad by saying “I’m (hahhaaa) John (hahahaa) McCain and I (hahhaaa, sorry I can’t stop laughing) approve (hahhaa) approve this Message (hahahahahha ROLMAO)”. As for Obama’s acceptance speech last night about Hillary’s health care proposal, he may tap her in a new govt dept called Health Care for America. She may have a second opportunity to reform health care, a second bite at the apple, but the American voters and delegates spoke last night and basically saw the Democratic primaries by The Clintons for what it was, a power grab and clinging onto what remains of it.


One response to “Obama talks with Hillary Clinton. But Clinton Diss’s Him

  1. I will donate to John McCain campaign,

    McCain/Romney 2008!!!

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