McCain, and Obama to meet with president Bush about bailout

Obama’s statement in reaction to McCain’s decision was an exceptionally petty and lame, calculated, egotistical piece of overly-lawyered rhetoric. He is all about himself. Obama could give a damn about America or Americans. He is pure politics from top to bottom. Obama is the antithesis of a leader.

The  funny thing is that the moonbats are laughing saying McCain was afraid of Big O in the debate. They can try to spin it all they want, we all saw McCain do what he did and when he did it and we also saw and heard ole Barry hem and haw and blather on and refuse to go along with McCain’s invitation or his proposal and stubbornly refuse to leave the campaign trail, insisting the debate go on as planned. He did not even seem to realize that the debate is to be on foreign policy when he indicated it was not necessary to go to Washington as the debate would cover all these issues. The man is dangerous around real responsibility.  I’m hoping people are paying attention.

McCain reported for duty. Obama was dodging responsibility. McCain reached out to Obama in bipartisanship. Obama gave McCain a highly partisan snub.


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