Hillary’s Exit Strategies

Talk turns to how and when, not why and whether, as pressure mounts…………

So now that  Hillary Clinton has survived (sort of) her roughest week yet — which way toward her (officially deemed inevitable) exit?
Will the public calls from (former) friends reach critical mass? Could Sen. Barack Obama simply declare the race over?   Will her financial fumes evaporate?   And would a bailout matter?   Will it just be math — as tallied by the superdelegates?  I noticed that wo more dropped out of her camp on Friday morning.
The problem is that most of the Obama supporters have very short attention spans and even shorter memories. They forget what they read a couple of months ago and then believe everything they hear Obama say to “explain” all that other stuff that didn’t sound so nice. It’s the Paris/Britney phenomenon. Doesn’t matter how many train wreck debacles they create as long as they perform for the fans. Their hero can do no wrong even after time and time again proving himself to be the ‘same old same old politics as usual’ that he rallies against. Step right up, It’s the dumbest show on earth. Believe everything you hear, and deserve everything you get.
Either Hillary or Obama, this has got to be the dunbest show in town.
If John Mccain don’r win this one, I think that our party (the Republicans) are going to be in big doo doo.

The Kentucky Derby And My Thoughts on Eight Belles.

Thoroughbred racing is a beautiful sport, but a dangerous one for the horses.  As we saw yesterdayWhen a tragic situation occurs, such as the horrible incident with Eight Belles, it sickens the soul. But to think that some believe the appropriate response is to simply look away, or as some suggest, simply end horseracing, is such a nauseating disservice to these magestic animals. We are basically being told to “leave them high and dry.”
The ill-informed need to see the big picture. Should we just shrug off accidents like this as “part of the game?” Hell no! Should we ban horseracing? Hell no!  Should we continue to strive for safety in the sport for both horse and rider?  Bingo!  The move to synthetic is a good gesture. However, lasix and other meds are what really need to be addressed. While they have been used with the best intentions of doing good for the horse, they are setting generations of off-spring up with some real challenges.
So, if you feel horrible and sickened by Eight Belles’ death, thats good. That is the way that a caring, horse-lover SHOULD feel

I think the high road is the only road McCain should follow.

McCain is right to take “the high” road. Obviously this is just a strategy, not some moral imperative. What he did to Romney with the time-tables distortions was definitely low-road but highly effective.

Obama has just scared millions of voters with the Wright revelations. He went from golden boy to Black Panther in a week among the swing contingent, not the hardcore libs and identity voters, but fair-weather friends. I said before the Wright controversy erupted that when someone’s appeal is based on little information in can be reversed in a flash when new information is added. McCain is a known quantity so he is hard to dislodge with new information, and he has this weird, quirky appeal to those who like him that is also somewhat cultish in nature, just not as enthusiastic as either Ron Paul’s or Obama’s. It’s smart for him to avoid any “racist”, “bigot”, etc . charges that he would unavoidably incur by opening his uncontrollable mouth. He ought to stay unscripted but on safe subjects. If he is judged healthy enough by November and doesn’t do anything completely crazy, he is in.McCain will win on the strength of his character, not on his ability to play dirty. To be sure, Obama is self-destructing because of his weakness of character.

Clinton orders Bill to keep quiet

The Big Dog has managed to land himself in an even bigger doghouse.Hillary Clinton ordered her husband Friday to keep his mouth shut and stop making excuses, which compounded her false claim that she landed “under sniper fire” on a goodwill trip to Bosnia as First Lady.”Hillary called me and said, ‘You don’t remember this, you weren’t there.
All we have is his word about it and hers, and no one believes a word either of them says.He just don’t want her to win and do as well as he did!

In France, Olympic Torch Extinguished During Protests

PARIS — Protesters halted the Olympic torch relay in Paris Monday, forcing officials to extinguish the flame at least three times and carry the torch inside a bus for safety, despite a massive deployment of 3,000 police across the heart of the city.  
The heavy security presence transformed the torch relay from a joyous celebration of the Olympics into a tense confrontation between police and demonstrators protesting China’s crackdown on Tibet last month and its human rights record.  
By late afternoon Paris time, with the relay hours behind schedule and facing continuous stops by protesters, officials gave up on finding a way to restart the procession. They said the torch would be carried by bus for the rest of the route, from the National Assembly building to the Stade de France sports complex, a distance of about 3.5 miles.  
 The decision was made by Olympic organizers and the Chinese Embassy, police in Paris said

This is a first! French protesters putting out fires! The Olympics should not have gone to China.

Hillary/Obama? Is She Crazy?

What is all this  talk about a dream ticket?  Does anyone expect Obama to take a back seat and be the VP candidate? I don’t get it, he has more delegates than Hillary. How about she does what is right and volunteer to go back to the Hick town that she came from ? The ego’s of both these 2 nitwits is amazing to me

Bill Richardson Suggested That Hillary Clinton Should Drop Out

Bill Richardson yesterday suggested when endorsing  Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential race that Hillary Rodham Clinton should drop out, as a primary-election lawsuit had made it tougher for the former first lady to secure the party’s nomination. The one-time candidate’s endorsement helped Mr. Obama at the end of a difficult week, giving him the support of another former Clinton administration official who also is a superdelegate and a high-profile Hispanic. As much as I really detest Hillary, when did Richardson become the leader of the DemoncRATic party? What gives him the right to tell any other candidate what to do? He couldn’t get the demoncRATs to vote for him when he was a candidate but now he can tell Hillary what to do? Keep it up DemoncRATs – You all are making this real easy for the Republicans to hold on the the bully pulpit (Oh! Wait! I believe the Bully Pulpit is the one in Chicago occupied by the Reverand Jeremiah Wright)!